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Netris DebtCollection Implementation and Customer Support Print E-mail

One of the basic advantages of Netris DebtCollection is providing universal data exchange (supporting xml, txt, xls, html, etc. files) that allows to integrate system with different ABS (Automated Banking System), CRM and billing software. That’s why Netris DebtCollection basic configuration deployment doesn’t take much time.

Netris DebtCollection 2.0 Implementation Stages:

  1. Coordination of database information and transmission format. The list of information fields of each credit file (information about customer, credit, payments, guarantors, etc.) approved at this stage will be used in all business processes operations, credit files distribution and analytical reports formation.
  2. Development of data exchange module (“synchronizer”).  Netris DebtCollection 2.0 basic configuration can be extended by optional modules.
  3. Installation of Netris DebtCollection 2.0 and Oracle database on customer’s server (any Oracle version can be used), business processes original setting, system configuring, acceptance testing.

Depending on data exchange module complexity the implementation process may take from 1 to 2 months.

Customer Support

After acceptance testing the customer will be provided with technical support according to the agreed support schedule. The schedule describes Netris obligations in case of software failure, errors correction period, customer claims and consultations procedure.

Within technical support a customer can order optional functions, if the necessity appears during system exploitation.


Netris provides Netris DebtCollection system administrator and system operator training courses.